Paid promotion. Always DYOR and use risk management

KYC: Project owner has KYC’d to us! Dev has fulfilled all our needs and now has Low Risk!

(LOW RISK does not guarantee the loss of funds or that the project will not scam you! Always DYOR!)

Vive La Bouje fork/Swift fork

✅ Max 4% deposit fees

✅ The owner of the token is renounce, so the devs will not be able to mint new tokens and dump the price!

✅ Does support deflationary token pools

⚠️ Timelock dont added, in contracts that use forced withdraw & switchActivePool timelock is not required, this is done to facilitate the main function - apr resets

• Total Minted - 320

• Total Supply - 320

• 20 SOCIUS for marketing - we were informed by devs*

• Weekly APRs resets on NonNative LPs

• Maximum Supply 150,000

• 10% of emissions sent to admin address

• Emission Rate works in seconds, not blocks

• New SOCIUS/second 0,05 (Max 100/second)

• CoinGecko - PENDING (according to @devs)

• CoinMarketCap - PENDING (according to @devs)

• Audit - NO

• No Migrator Code

• no referral

What happens if the project will scam us? Team will release KYC info to police & government authorities, NOT PUBLIC! From today onwards We issue to KYC projects which: drop us passport photo (on both sides) video of the person showing the passport, data and location!

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