Paid promotion. Always DYOR and use risk management

Xmas Past fork, DYOR!

the words of GhosteFarm team: We paused farming in order to redeploy to fix the issues outlined in your review of our contracts, we warned investors about the situation and advised them to sell our tokens and don't interact with our contracts.

⚠️ Max 100% deposit fees

⚠️ Doesn't support deflationary token pools

⚠️ Timelock doesn't added yet

✅ LP locked with RugDoc (NEOGHOSTE-WFTM LP)

✅ The owner of the token is renounce, so the devs will not be able to mint new tokens!

• Total Minted - 488,069

• Total Supply - 488,069

• Max Transfer Rate 20% of Total Supply, capped 12%

• isExcludedFromAntiWhale - (MasterChef Address) false

• isExcludedFromAntiWhale - (Token Address) true

• 10% of emissions sent to admin address

• Emission Rate works in blocks, not seconds

• New NEOGHOSTE/block 300

• CoinGecko - PENDING (according to @devs)

• CoinMarketCap - PENDING (according to @devs)

• Audit - NO

• Anti Whale enabled

• No Migrator Code

• no referral

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