Paid promotion. Always DYOR and use risk management

Goose fork with the harvestInterval function in MasterChef, looks like it's the same team as Doge DeFi, site may go down in first 24 hours, DYOR!

⚠️ Dev(s) hodl 100% of initial liquidity! Please clarify with the project on liquidity locking or burning!

✅ Max 4% deposit fees

✅ The owner of the token renounced, so the dev(s) will not be able to mint new tokens and dump the price!

⚠️ Timelock doesn't added yet

• Max harvest interval 2 days

• Total Minted - 200

• Total Supply - 200

• Max Supply 10,000

• 10% of emissions sent to admin address

• Emission Rate works in seconds, not blocks, but start time works in blocks

• CoinGecko - NO

• CoinMarketCap - NO

• Audit - NO

• No Migrator Code

• no referral

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