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Mimi accidentally discovered CheddarVerse while escaping from humans. They now need a lot of cheesy to enter the portal

• CheddarVerse is an NFT on Ethereum blockchain. We feature randomly generated 2d and 3d mouse like nfts

• Genesis MiMis receive 5 CHEESY every day, can participate in the P2E game, will receive free 3D avatars playable in Cheddarverse and The Sandbox

• Holders will get 20% ETH from all fees collected on OpenSea

• Holders can vote on the direction of community development, such as land purchases, regular parties and roadmaps, etc

• Get full ownership of your Mimi NFT, including both creative and commercial rights

• Mint Price: 0,082 ETH + gas fee

• Max Mintable: 1,501

• Twitter: 11.8K subs

• Discord: 22,704 subs

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