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Goose fork, CAN HARD RUG! DYOR!

Opinion of our expert: The logo is taken from Google, the site is standard. there is nothing interesting except worrying that it may be a scam. dyor.

✅ Max 4% deposit fees

✅ Does support deflationary token pools

✅ The owner of the token is renounce, so the devs will not be able to mint new tokens!

⚠️ LP not locked/burned, so devs can dump price at any time! DYOR!

⚠️ Timelock doesn't added yet

⚠️ Pools not yet added

• Maximum Supply 10,000

• Total Minted - 500

• Total Supply - 500

• 10% of emissions sent to admin address

• Emission Rate works in blocks, not seconds

• New CETACEA/block 0,005

• CoinGecko - NO

• CoinMarketCap - NO

• Audit - NO

• No Migrator Code

• no referral

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